Parish Pastoral Council


When Jesus first came among us, he offered us a whole new way of living. In the Gospel, we learn that we have been invited to be branches connected to the vine of the Lord, to eat the bread of everlasting life and to hear words of truth, words that endure forever. This is the mission of the Church in and through the ministry of the parish each Parish has the Mission to proclaim the Good News to all people in all ways, here and now.

All of us are mindful that the New Evangelization is not one specific action, but rather a way of seeing a whole range of activities carried on by the Parish to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Like a family, the parish is an organic community shaped by particular relationships. With the Pope as pastor of the Universal Church, the local church is shepherded by the Bishop.  e Pastor is the Bishop’s representative in the parish and the pastor is responsible to the Bishop for the life and vitality of the parish. For the Pastor, carrying out the mission of the parish is dependent on the full and active participation of the faithful laity.

For this reason, it is important that in each Parish should have a Parish Pastoral Council when the pastor see it is necessary for the good of the Parish. A Parish Pastoral Council is an important consultative body that comes together under the direction of the pastor to provide him advice and support for the good of the parish community.

During these past months, I have been working on it with the intension to get this important piece in the structure of our Parish. In the next coming weeks I will introduce the new Parish Pastoral council to all of you.

My hope is that this Parish Pastoral Council will assist me as pastor and you parishioners alike in revitalizing our Parish Life and to get a more fervent and vibrant experience of God’s love poured out in our Parish.