September 6, 2017



I would like to welcome any children ages 4-10 years old to come and be a part of the Children’s Liturgy group. My goal is to create a program that meets the children’s level of understanding God’s word. Through songs and activities, listening to the gospel, and following along with the mass I hope to ignite the children’s desire to celebrate the Word of God with each other. Throughout the year we will, incorporate parts of the mass in my own liturgy, to increase awareness and understanding of the Mass and its rituals. I hope to include the children in the parish mass once a month. This may include: singing a song, talking to Father, reading some intentions, or presenting the gifts.

Our Routines: The Children’s Lectionary will be part of the processional. We will meet in the Church hall. Which is located in the basement of the Church. Your child will follow us into the Church hall right after Father greets us and dismisses the children’s liturgy group. We will be gone from the beginning of mass until the offertory. This is your child’s time to hear the gospel and create an activity. The activity should help your child share the gospel message with you.

An Outline of our Liturgy:

  • We start with a welcoming song.
  • We light a candle to remind us of God’s presence.
  • We sing the song “Feasting at the Table of the Word” and I read the Gospel. Then we sing the “Good News” Song to remind the children to remember the message and share it.
  • We have a discussion based on the gospel.
  • We will have a song or activity to do based on the time we have that Sunday.
  • Someone will read a short prayer to end our time together. I look forward in sharing with your children and growing in our understanding of the Gospel.

All children are Welcome!